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Spell name: Lost in the Dark

Form name: Cavern Dragoness

Spell description: A powerful spell, which turns you opponent into into a being susceptible to light, which is quite convenient for you - at least during the day, there will be fewer people to attack! In fact, this spell is so powerful that it’s rumoured that it needs just one hit to transform the victim!

Form description: In front of you stands a tall and spooky creature - a Cavern Dragoness. She is scaleless, with smooth purple skin decorated with bioluminescent lights. Her long, bioluminescent hair changes its colors in a way that would do the underground waters. Her figure is slender and feminine, easily mistaken for an anthro lizard if not for the  horns and wings. Unlike common dragons, she dwells in the dungeons and caverns for all eternity, hunting down random travellers. In this city, however, this dragoness could be seen in less gloomy places: night streets, dance clubs and such, wherever she can hide from sun and light. There, she flirts with people and lures them to her cavern.

Where it is found: Silent Cavern

How is it found: You enter the cove and admire the stalactites and stalagmites set against the underground lake with its old tunnels and secret passages.. No light enters this secluded place save for occasional torches hanging on the walls or held by passerby. However, occassionally you could spot some others sources of light, such as fireflies and the shining eyes of something preying on those lost in the dark, luring the victim in with glowing bioluminescent parts of the body, attractive beacons for the unsuspecting and weak-willed. Suddenly, something crosses your way. A big anthropomorphic winged lizard passes in front of you, her feminine shape looking damned attractive. The glowing emanating from her reminds you not to be weak-willed. Fortunately, your will isn’t tested as she seems not to notice you, having some other business to attend to. You make a note about this creature, thinking that such a tale would impress people back in the tavern - perhaps you could demonstrate to them what such a creature looks like.

TF sequence:
You face %ATTACKER_NAME%, who casts a spell on you. You blink and everything goes dark for a second. When you can see again, you see a dark leathery book on the ground. It’s some kind of journal as you can suggest. You pick it up and find few hand-written entry logs in it. On the first page there is a note: “Dear $VICTIM_NAME$, please read this logs.” This handwriting seems to be familiar, and you decided to read these mysterious logs.
“Entry  #1:
After I was hit by the spell, I found myself sensitive to the sunlight. It burned my skin and blinded my eyes - I had no choice but to retreat. I ran to the bushes, to the Scarlet Forest, but still I was in pain. Only after I found a cavern I managed to relax and take a look at myself in the waters of underground lake. Even though it was dark, I found that I’d developed night vision, allowing me to see in the dark - though I was blinded on the surface. In my reflection I saw… my own face, covered in menacing red scales. Two big horns were sticking from my head. My hair was messy, but it still was there. I’d become - or t least so I thought...”
What a sad story!

You look for the next entry, expecting the story to continue. Who wrote it and why should you read it? Is there any riddle behind this? Somewhere deep inside you feel that you should read it nonetheless.
“Entry #2:
I took some time investigating my new body. This spell was unbelievably efficient - it was enough to turn me into a dragon after only one cast - my skin was covered in red scales, my eyes were slitted and reptilian, above my rear rested a long and graceful tail, helping me keep my balanceas my chest gained mass… Perhaps it was intended for fire-breathing. That was not bad at the time, I quite enjoyed puffing clouds of smokes in the forgotten caves - it was the only way to entertain myself. I also took liking to my horns, I must admit - they were quite pretty, almost like a second set of hair. My face remained mostly unchanged, only covered in my crimson scales and bearing a  dragon-like muzzle. My legs grew a bit, but in general... I was an anthro dragon.
I investigated the aftereffects. They were the toxins in my body which made me intolerant of daylight. I struggled to get rid of them, but I failed."
It doesn't sound very good to you. You can feel sympathy for this person.

The next entry was written with a few blots on it, making parts unreadable.
"Entry #3
There was something new happening to me. I was disturbed by..." You try to figure out what the logs say, but you fail to. "That bastard! Fortunately I made them flee. They wanted to know what happened to me - now they knew. Thus I could relax a bit...
As I lay on the lakeshore after taking another bath in this dark water, I felt swelling under my scales. My chest seemed to grow, slowly and uncomfortably stretching my skin and scales over it. I believe some of them cracked at that time, but overall they restrained my future breasts. The other skin under my red scales also scratched. Only later I found out about bacteria which nibbled at me under my scales. They weren't a threat themself, but under the effect of the extra transformative energy that had accumulated in body, they reshaped my flesh. I grew to be more feminine under those scales and after some time I found that I could lay eggs. I... accepted the changes and grew to like them.
My scales lost the crimson color they had, becoming indigo and violet in color - perfect for hunting in the dark caverns."
As exciting as this story is, you can’t help but feel that there  is definitely something wrong here.

You opened to the next part of the log, turning to the next page.
"Entry #4
The changes followed me. My once beautiful scales withered and became soft -  almost rotten, like dead flowerpetals.I was stripped naked as they fell away from my bare skin. It wasn't painful, but I felt naked without my natural armor. My ample breasts weren't covered, and my womanly shape would be so tempting exposed like this. I still possessed sharp claws - however, without scales my fingers seemed slender and dainty. I felt as if I was fragile and not as strong as other dragons. It became harder to hunt for food, but I managed to talk to a few travellers. They even complemented me, saying that I looked nice. My cheeks were purple from blushing.
I also heard that $ATTACKER_NAME$, the one who changed me, was searching for me. That arrogant fool! I shall burn them alive!"
You feel the anger the author felt, as if those words are your own.

"Entry #5
There was no way I could reverse the changes at this point, and I knew it. When they continued however, I became scared of the possibility that they’d never end, that I would become a freak. I still had to adapt my new female self, but oviposition wasn't as unpleasant as I feared. And each time I saw my reflection in the dark waters of the cavern lake, I couldn't help but smile to my new self. I hope no one saw me posing there.
The changes continued even then, but they were mostly mental - survival instinct and hunting, how to lure prey and how to efficiently sate my draconic appetite. But there was a physical change as well - my skin kept tingling, and I felt new cells growing under it. At first I thought it was new scales forming to protect me, but as soon as the skin started to emanate different lights I understood its purpose - or rather my new self already knew. Biolumenscense - I could attract people with my light, luring them to me... Hunger, lust, craving for normal social interaction - I had it all covered with attractive dusky biolumenescent shining. I was fulfilled."

You open the last page of the log, but deep inside you had a feeling that you already knew what this last message was.
"Entry Final
Dear $VICTIM_NAME$. You should have already realized it. I am you, and you are me.
After becoming bioluminescent, I started to lose memories. So I wrote them all after the log, making sure we won't forget anything important. $ATTACKER_NAME$ will seal the changes and prevent further changes. They win... This time. Make sure to pay them back. I have too little time to describe how my memories start to warp and affect me - and it would be hard given the current state of my mind. I hope you're doing well."
You take a look at the memories and main diary. It seems that only the transformation was erased… Now you realize, looking at your womanly shape and scaleless glowing skin, that you are the dragoness who wrote this - and you felt you were doing well indeed.

You face %VICTIM_NAME% and cast the spell on him. It’s no typical spell, but an ultimate spell which Skaldyr himself labeled as extremely dangerous. It’s rumoured  to turn anyone into the dragon you saw once in the cove in one cast, unlike most spells. And so now your unfortunate target blinks and makes a pained face. You can only guess that he is sensitive to the sunlight now, as he tries to cover his eyes and find shade. He ducks into the bushes and retreats to the Scarlet Forest, still somewhat in pain from the aftereffects. He disappears into the caverns and loses you in the countless corridors. You try to follow them, but to no avail. You should be satisfied with the results though… Right?

You don’t suspect anything amiss and go on about your business. Perhaps you would even have forgetten about that dragon if not for overhearing rumours about a beautiful new dragon in the cove. You take some notes and set out to find the dragon - eager to see the result of your spell.

Slowly, you enter the cove and navigate the underground gallery to where the dragon is rumoured to be. You carefully crawl through the dark corridors, trying not to alert him, with the only sounds keeping you company that of running watter and some distant exhaling. As you move to the next chamber, you could smell some smoke. That would be the dragon. Stalking him closely, you observe the changes. Now not crimson but a mix of violet and indigo, he’d grown some feminine curvature beneath those scales, which drew you closer... Suddenly he turns around and roars at you with a womanly voice, which leaves no doubt that now she is mad at you - for good reason. You take this opportunity to retreat, but you do intend to come later. It bothers you that transformation was continuing on without you casting further, though.

You continue to ask people who travel through that cove if they have seen  the dragoness. After some time you finally hear news... Her scales withered, and she’d  become very beautiful. You assume that the local fauna changed her appareance. Perhaps it was the excess of the transformative energy that the spell had. Afraid of the possibility of her turning into some dreadful monster intent on hunting you down, you decide to find her and cure those side-effects - and finish the transformation.

You spend quite some time to find the curing spell - and one to alter her memory. You track down her cave again and find the  tall and spooky dragoness, scaleless with smooth purple skin decorated with bioluminescent lights. Her long, bioluminescent hair changes its colors in a way that would do the underground waters(not sure what this line means). Her figure is slender and feminine, easily mistaken for an anthro lizard if not for the  horns and wings. Exactly as you remember the other Cavern Dragons. You make a peaceful gesture to show her that you won’t hurt her… And she nods, putting away the journal she was writing in.

She stares at you, barely seeming to recognize you and needing some help remembering. You slowly explain to her what happened, and that you want to help her. With a nod she allows you to do that, but before that she writes something in her journal. “Please, give it to me once we are done.” You see no reason to turn down her request, then seal the transformation - then erase her memories so as not to damage her brain - after all, this spell must have been a shock for her.
A bit later, you spot the scaleless womanly dragoness wandering about the streets and you throw the book in front of her. She blinks and spends some time reading it, seeming to remember the transformation and realizing that she’d become a dragoness. Perhaps one day, if you get to read those logs, you’ll know what it feels like.
Transformania Time Spell: Lost in the Dark
The Spell I wrote for the TransformaniaTime, Lost in the Dark, which transoforms the victim into the Cavern Dragoness!


No journal entries yet.




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